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Last year, we introduced our new range of Anti-Vibration Rack-Mount Cases using some of the most innovative rackmount frames brought to the market by industry leading supplier, Penn Elcom. We went as far as sitting for a meeting with their designer in UK to make sure we get the design right down to the smallest details.

Unlike the traditional anti-shock rackmount cases that use double walls with foam layers in between them to damp the shocks to the rackmount equipment, the new anti-vibration rackmount frames create a “floating” effect by using heavy-duty rubber mounts on all sides of a sturdy frame.

The spatial distribution and orientation of these rubber mounts isolates the frame from external vibrations in all directions. This extra protection is achieved while reducing the overall weight of the case compared to the traditional anti-shock rackmount cases.

Our team of in-house designers went further, by adding slide-away door systems to the floating rackmount frames. The doors benefit from special sliders with additional hinges, that allow them to tuck away in between the rackmount frame and the case body once the door is open. For keeping the doors closed, we use heavy-duty slam latches to make sure the equipment is secure in transit. We also designed and fabricated a propriety steel catch for the slam locks, to allow the doors to be “slammed close” without damaging the case!

Considering their innovative design, their sturdy build and their all-round functionality, the Ovation anti-vibration rack-mount cases with slide-away door became an instant hit. The best-selling cases were so popular that we ended up designing the full range of different rack-units and depths and adding them to our, already extensive, standard product range.

The Brief

The standard range of our anti-vibration rack-mount cases with slide-away doors already covers all the sizes from 6RU all the way to 24RU, however, having a local case factory means you can always request more custom modifications to make perfect solutions for your needs.

Sydney Opera House is one of the biggest names in the industry and one of our oldest clients for different staging solutions. This time, SOH wanted to refurbish their big inventory of audio equipment, using modular rackmount solutions. Needless to say, our freshly developed anti-vibration rack-mount cases ticked all the boxes. In addition to the long list of standard features that came with the cases, however, SOH wanted to customise a few things.

  • When it comes to the custom cases that are built locally, there is little limitation in choosing the exact dimensions that you need. Sydney Opera House took advantage of this by deciding on a special width and depth of their anti-vibration rackmount cases to ensure all their equipment can be protected and used with maximum efficiency. An extra space in front and back of the rackmount frames allows the biggest plugs and connectors to stay attached without the ricks of them being knocked off or interfering with other equipment.
  • The iconic sails of the Sydney Opera House were to be engraved on the cases for branding. Using high-quality Scandinavian Birch Ply enables us to engrave any logo or text on our cases using our in-house CNC machine.
  • We stock a wide range of hardware solutions from industry-leading manufacturers. We incorporate these items in our custom cases based on unique needs of each client. One of such examples was the use of “window dishes” on the cases. Having this humble piece of hardware in the front of the case, allows the technicians to inspect the rackmount equipment without the need to open the door of the case.
  • Our standard 100mm Rubber Castors from Adam Hall are already strong, with 450kg load rating for a set of four castors. However, we can also provide self-setting rubber castors on the cases build in our Sydney-based factory. Considering the weight and size of the rackmount cases for Sydney Opera House, the self-setting castors ensured easy stacking of the cases without the need to turn them in the right direction while holding the cases up. This simple solution makes stacking the rackmount cases on top of each other as fun as rolling them around!

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