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The need fro bespoke cases is prevalent throughout the motorsport industry. Racing demands well-designed, compact and robust case solutions. The cases must protect critical pit equipment in transit, pack well into the transporter, and allow for fast and efficient deployment at the track. Ovation cases meet all of those requirements, and the range includes:

  • Data Engineers Station Cases
  • Engine Cases
  • Corner Weight Scale Cases
  • Dampener Cases
  • Comms Display Station Cases
  • Stacking Tub Storage cases
  • Catering Station Cases
  • Lounge and other Hospitality Cases (to keep valuable sponsors comfortable!)

Our custom engraving service for names and logos can show that the team remains "on brand" and ensured your cases make a statement at every race meet.

We only use premium hardware and substrates. Whatever you need to bring to the pit lane, we can design and build an Ovation case for it, matching the highest manufacturing standards in the world, right here in our Sydney workshop. Competition doesn't finish on the track.

Ovation. Creating your best case scenarioTM



Leading technology, software and on-site measurement to ensure the perfect fit and maximum protection and minimise your downtime.



We use SolidWorks and CAMWorks, industry's best software in-house. Preparing complete 3D models leaves no unknown aspects before the case is ready to be manufactured. Ply and foam pieces are precision machined for every custom case using CNC router based on the finalised design.


We use cutting-edge 3D scanning tools to create a precision model of the equipment before designing a case for it. The computerised model enables us to design a perfect fit for the equipment with maximum protection for your sensitive devices and no wasted space inside the case.


Our team of designers are happy to visit you on site to measure your equipment so don't need to move the equipment without protection. A non-disclosure agreement can be signed to keep any sensitive information secure in case the measured equipment is in development stages.


Promote your brand whether on the move, seeing customers or displaying equipment



Using our precision CAD/CAM facilities, we are able to brand your cases with your company logo. In addition to branding, engraving can be used for marking the contents of a case


Make a bold statement when presenting your equipment in colour, style and look with various options available to you.


Our bespoke customised road case labels branded with your logo and contact details are ideal for logistical information to help enhance your brand presence and manage your equipment better in full digital colour or black and white.


Built with the highest grade quality materials, our quality is guaranteed.



Ovation Cases are constructed from specifically engineered ply for high-performance heavy-duty road cases. World-known German case hardware suppliers, Adam Hall, plywood are made out of Scandinavian Birch layers glued together with DIN-certified (DIN EN 204) D4 graded glue for maximum stability and resistance to moisture exposure. The ply is also protected by ABS coating on both sides with one side being textured for a more professional unique look and feel.


We use industrial grade high density EVA foam with closed-cell formation. The non-percolated closed-cell foam is non-absorbent and can be cleaned without any issues. Our EVA foam has an 80kg/m3 high density which makes it suitable for supporting heavy devices. In addition to EVA, we also offer PE and Plastazote foam to ensure suitable protection for any kind of equipment. The EVA foam does not create any harmful fumes or gasses that might affect the functioning or the equipment inside the case.
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