Ovation 'featherweight' Cases

We’re excited to introduce our Ovation ‘Featherweight’ Case range. 

Our new 'featherweight' range aims to provide a solution for those restricted by weight limit when travelling by plane or requiring a lighter-weight case to travel with them anywhere. 

For some time, we have been assessing the use of composite panels to manufacture lighter-weight cases for the market.

Our team have been able to source the material to meet these growing demands, a revolutionary 100% recyclable future-proof flight case panel; a game-changing innovation in case manufacturing.

Our standard Ovation Cases are manufactured with high-quality birch plywood which make them heavier. These panels, in contrast, feature two main contradicting  benefits: lighter weight and durability.  


Other key features of this material are:

 Reduction of the weight by 30%-40%: 80% lighter panel than the typical plywood. It does not, however, compromise on its strength as it still has the same strength as regular birch plywood.

 High resistance to impacts: caused by chemicals, humidity, weather, and liquids. These panels are produced with polypropylene fibres, and with their honeycomb design, they are able to withstand impacts, and the resulting damages are reduced significantly in comparison to any other materials on the market.

 100% recyclable: No glass fibres were used and fewer resources were required to produce the panels, making it eco-friendly and sustainable. In addition, it ensures long lifespan which reduces the need for replacements.

 Travel friendly: Lightweight means that it's easy to travel with and handle, which would also reduce the overall costs of shipping.


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