GrandMA3 compact XT Travels Light

A brief introduction

For the past few months, we have been receiving multiple requests from clients to add a lightweight case to the existing range of our solutions for transit of the GrandMA 3 consoles. The existing cases tick a lot of boxes in terms of durability, storage, flexibility, and usability. However, none of them is light enough “to make the console fly”. We took it as a challenge to create a case that would be both durable and light weight to ease any travel difficulties for lighting designers. Amidst our researching, our client reached out and informed us that they travel quite often and requested for us to fulfil these requirements: 

  • The case needs to be light weight and have trolley wheels at the bottom. 
  • The size should fit the airport requirements as a carry-on luggage. 
  • All accessories should fit inside the case along with the console. 

We accepted the challenge to create a case that would meet all the requirements as we firmly believe in avoiding compromises. We took the initiative to work closely with the clients to assure them that although we are taking time in completing the project to learn more about the material and provide them with the best solution, we are faster than international delivery. There are benefits of being an in-house design and manufacturing such as easy collaboration with our clients, more efficient production, and cost-effective. 

The Solution

As we have been assessing the use of composite panels to manufacture lighter weight cases for the market, our team was able to source the material to meet these growing demands. This material is a game-changer in the case manufacturing world due to its revolutionary 100% recyclable composite structure.  

Attaining our newly sourced material led us with an opportunity to test out these panels. We created a case that would be both light weight and maintain its durability by using and applying the panels, which in turn allows clients to travel and fly within their weight restrictions. It is also more cost-effective as it is cheaper to bring the case in the aeroplane compared to having it shipped.

Our standard Ovation Cases, although manufactured with high-quality birch plywood, is heavy. In contrast, these panels feature two main contradicting benefits: light weight and durable. 

Other key features of this material are: 

  1. Reduction of the weight by 30%-40% as the panels are 80% lighter than the typical plywood. It does not, however, compromise on its strength as it still has the same strength as a regular birch plywood. 
  2. High resistance to impacts caused by chemicals, humidity, weather, and liquids. As it is produced with polypropylene fibres and with its honeycomb design, it can withstand possible damages it can incur on a comparatively slower basis compared to any other materials. 
  3. 100% recyclable as no glass fibres were used and fewer resources were required to produce the panels, making it eco-friendly and sustainable. In addition, it ensures long lifespan which reduces the need for replacements. 


We kept it in mind that the GrandMA3 XT needs an appropriate casing to ensure its safety from being damaged while on the road. We had to ensure that we deliver light weight cases that are strong enough to protect the sensitive and crucial equipment while being constrained by the limitations. In addition to the lighter weight, our design team went a step further to design a new tray for housing a side keyboard to go with the console. The tray benefits from an innovative design which holds the keyboard in perfect position for the operator and folds away when the case is closed.  

Finally, we were able to meet the client’s requirements and achieve a quick turnaround as we have local facilities, which meant that we design and build the Ovation Cases at a faster pace. 

Finishing the case, the design ticked all the requirements that our client asked for, including fitting a separate keyboard stand and all its accessories. Our patience and dedication to providing a solution to the lighting designers proved effective as we learnt through the process. Our skills and confidence grew alongside this to ensure that we provide the best for the next batch of orders as we always aim to produce without compromises. 

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