Ovation Coffee Machine and Drawers Road Case

Ovation Expressi Coffee machine and Drawers Road Case with Detachable Side Bench – Black

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Expressi Coffee Machine and Drawers Ovation Road Case Features:
• 9mm Plywood which is made up of Scandinavian Birch layers glued together with DIN-certified (DIN EN 204) D4 graded glue for maximum stability and resistance to moisture exposure. The ply is also protected by ABS coating on both sides with one side being textured for a more professional unique look and feel
• Designed to house 1 x Expressi Coffee Machine on slide-out drawer
• 3 x built-in small and 2 x large drawers
• 4 x Large Recessed Sprung handles
• 4 x High quality case edge handles for ease of front and back cover lid handling
• Front and back cover lids convert into side tables fitted with a pair of telescopic table legs
• 1x Recessed dishes with cross-cut slotted rubber flange for cable and connector entry/exit point
• Heavy Duty European designed and made hardware and accessories including 2x brake castors
• Designed to suit Australian truck pack width dimensions